Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Well I'm new to this and already have had lots of issues! I cant add the background I would like to, I have however added its matching header so will try again another day, the battle with it however is currently making me want to fling the computer at the wall, so I best stop it for now!

OK so me, I'm 29 (only in body, my mind is still very much 15!) I'm a mother of THE two very best children in the world Joel and Erin and the wife (the whiff) of David. I currently juggle them along with running an art and craft shop in the Wirral with my mum (hi mum!!) teach classes and demos and try to fit in as much making and creating as my little fingers can keep up with (I just don't do any house work hee hee).

I have been creative since before I can remember, my mum tells me she learnt the secret to keeping me quite from an early age when she handed me a Biro and her old diary as she tried to cook the dinner and I sat transfixed as I realised this strange stick made marks where I wanted it to, after that I think I was handed that strange stick quite a lot and I was soon very hooked.

Another moment in my hazy memory was when I was in infants and I cut a squirrel out of paper for an autumn project, the teacher, impressed, asked me how I had done it, so I told her, I just cut it out, and she chastised me saying , No! you drew it first, and I corrected her, no I just cut it out, and proceeded to cut another one out of paper, I got hauled up for every art project after that! (not that I minded that of course!)

I remember being about 7 and my mum buying me my first set of Fimo blocks, we made a nativity set together, and since then I have been making models of anything and everything I can think of, I tend to lean more towards prosculpt for my figures now though as i just ADORE the stuff!

I have the advantage in this sort of life of an art teacher dad with incredible talent and a very supportive mum who has always shown me I can follow which ever path I want to and has backed me all the way. Because of this I have been able to play to my strengths and enjoyed full and varied learning experiences and gained good qualifications.

As you can see I like playing with a range of medium as long as I'm making I'm happy!
I do tend to go through "moods" of what I fancy doing and most recently I have definatly been going through one of my card making moods! which is usful as I'm running card classes in work at the mo, I have also been asked to design Christmas cards for a magazine so spent a good week and a half making them, you gotta love Christmas in July! lol

I will add pictures soon as I figure them out, in the mean time I do have a few bits on www.behindthemagicdoor.co.uk :)

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